To address gender disparity in the field of tech, CIRCLE partnered with Engro Vopak and Engro Foundation to offer technological training to majority young girls and youth from underserved communities under the initiative of Tech Karo.

Since 2019, Tech Karo is offering digital training with the support of Engro VoPak and Engro Foundation.

Program Timeline

  • Tech Karo launches first cohort of web development in Karachi.
  • Engro Foundation & Engro Vopak come on board as partners.
  • Second cohort of web development launched.
  • Graduation ceremony of flagship batch 50 graduates (62% females).
  • Introduced training on Digital Marketing (35 graduated from first batch).
  • Program shifts to online training due to pandemic.
  • Added training on Graphic Designing.
  • Online training in web development, digital marketing, and graphic designing.
  • Boot Camps introduced in 2021 for Web development, Graphic Design, and Digital Marketing with a total of 217 beneficiaries.
  • Training introduced on Freelancing and E-commerce.
  • P&G Pakistan and S&P Global came on board as mentors for life skills training.
  • Boot Camps conducted in 2022 for E-Commerce, Freelancing, and Entrepreneurship with a total of 202 beneficiaries.

Tech Karo offers courses on:

Web development (coding)

Digital Marketing



TechKaro Impact in Numbers

Jobs and internships acquired
Placement Partners

Tech Karo Life-Skills Mentorship Program

CIRCLE’s Tech Karo curriculum is designed to develop and inculcate professional and life skills in the participants to achieve the following:

  • Find new ways of thinking and problem-solving.
  • Recognize the impact of their actions and take responsibility.
  • Improve verbal and written communication.
  • Learn to work collaboratively and effectively in teams.

Life skills mentorship is being offered in partnership with S&P Global, Procter & Gamble Pakistan, and Pakistan Freelancers Association.

Tech Karo Placement Partner Program

To ensure that the maximum number of graduates land internships and jobs right after course completion, the Tech Karo team works closely with participants and graduates throughout the application process as they embark on their professional journey. With a rapidly expanding network of placement partners, the Tech Karo placement partner program:

  • Promotes placement opportunities on Tech Karo WhatsApp and Facebook Alumni groups.
  • Provides opportunities to discuss progress on an individual basis.
  • Works with the program graduates, placement partners, and the academic team to facilitate the participants’ placement and approval process.
  • Offers support & motivation throughout the process through WhatsApp and emails.