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CIRCLE for women by women.

Being founded by a woman, CIRCLE has more than 60% female board members and more than 80% female team members. CIRCLE also has a network of dedicated female instructors who are committed to deliver digital and financial literacy across Pakistan.

CIRCLE prides itself in conducting online and in-person training for women and girls from low-income households since 2018. It introduced three different models to facilitate training’s in semi urban and urban areas in more than 80 cities.

Elevate. Inspire

At CIRCLE each person is a stakeholder. Our policies are designed to facilitate and accommodate people from all backgrounds and enable them to be their best self. These words not only define our ambition but also reflect our values and culture. 

“Almost 50% of Pakistan comprises of women and their equal contribution in the workforce can boost Pakistan’s GDP by 60%.”*

Tech – the great equalizer!

CIRCLE started as a space to equip low-income women with skills to empower them as economic contributors.

Between 2017 and 2020, we were already in the process of teaching young women tech skills through TechKaro, showcasing dynamic female entrepreneurs through She Loves Tech every year, and had just piloted the Digital Literacy Program with the support of UN Women Pakistan. But, when the pandemic struck and the entire world came to a halt, one thing became exceedingly clear to us – tech is our superpower!

Think out of the…CIRCLE?

When you think of the shape or the word ‘circle’, what comes to mind?

You may think of the Sun that signals the start of the day or your group of friends you can’t wait to meet. It can even be the shape of your favorite mithai or colorful balloons that make you smile. For some it can mean growth while for others it can be a safe boundary. The shape is fluid, dynamic yet a symbol of strength and unity. A circle can be as big or as small as we want.

Sometimes for us, our circle is just one person and at times it is our entire community. A circle is unique, like each one of us. If it is too small, it looks like a dot and when expanded, it can fit the entire universe! No matter what it means to you, one thing is for certain – CIRCLE signifies hope, possibilities, and continuous growth.

This is why CIRCLE under the leadership of our founder and CEO, Sadaffe Abid is led by women from the development and startup sector, bringing years of experience, passion and unique knowledge to transform women’s ability to make progress. We focus on women’s economic empowerment and inclusion through advocacy, leadership development, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Once we find the right circle for ourselves, everything changes; conversations become focused, energies flow freely and growth becomes guaranteed. When we say CIRCLE is for women by women, we mean it.